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Speed Tips

You can “Speed Up” Architect 3D by changing some of the program's settings.

  • Close the 3D View window when you are not working in 3D. No 3D calculations are performed when the 3D View window is closed.
  • Turn off shadows. For more information, see “Adding Lighting and Shadows”
  • Hide floors that are not active. Turning off inactive floors means the program will not waste resources on them.
  • Decrease the render quality. From the 3D menu, choose Rendering Options. The 3D View dialog appears. You can adjust the navigation speed and also the quality in which objects render; the lower the render quality, the faster 3D View will render your design.

​ (alternatively) Choose 3D > 3D Final Quality > Low.

  • Hide unused 3D objects. With a 3D view open, choose 3D > Rendering Options. In the Render section, deselect unneeded elements to hide them in the 3D view and then click OK.