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2D Drawing Methods

There are some common 2D drawing methods that you’ll use repeatedly while creating your design in Architect 3D Below are detailed steps for each of the drawing methods. Practice these methods before you begin, or refer back to this information as you draw. If a tool requires a different drawing method, it is explained where the tool is described.

Click Once to Place

This method is used for items that do not attach to a walls, like columns, floor and ceiling receptacles, fixture lights, furnaces, and other items that are positioned freely in a design.

To draw using Click Once to Place

  • Position your cursor where you want the selection to be placed and click your left mouse button. The selection is placed at the location you click.
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This method is used for items like walls, roofs, pre-defined shapes (rectangle, circle/oval, line, arc, multigon), and other shapes that are based on a user-defined size. For details on controlling the automatic dimensions display, see “Dimensioning”

To draw using Drag-to-Size

  • Position the cursor at the start point for the shape, then hold down the left mouse button and drag from the start point to the desired length. A rubber band line is displayed as you drag. Release to place.
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Define 2D Shape

This method is used for manually drawn shapes like floors, decks, railings, and more. The draw methods become available on the Properties pane when a tool that uses this method is active. Each Draw Method button shows an example of how the shape is drawn.


To draw using Define 2D Shape

1 When a tool that uses Define 2D Shape is active, the draw methods become available on the Properties pane.

2 Choose the shape and method you want for the active tool.

3 Draw the shape based on the method you chose. For detailed steps to draw shapes, see the following sections:

  • Drawing Rectangles and Squares
  • Drawing Circles and Ovals
  • Drawing Lines
  • Drawing Polygons
  • Drawing Arcs
  • Drawing Circular Arcs
  • Drawing Multigons
  • Drawing Curves

Drag Along Wall

This method is used for wall attachments such as windows, doors, receptacles, and more. As wall attachments, objects remain attached to the wall even if the wall is moved.

To draw using Drag Along Wall

  • Drag along a wall, release to place on the side where you want it.
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