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Control Your Design

Architect 3D makes it easy to control your working environment. From setting the plan scale and units of measure to defining your ceiling heights on any floor of your design, all these tools are available in the Design Menu.

Architect 3D even lets you import a scanned image into the background of your design. Once scanned and loaded into your design file, you can trace it to create a Architect 3D floor plan. You can even set the scale of the new drawing to the scale of the image. When you are done tracing, you can save the new file without the background bitmap image.

Find or sketch your favorite floor plan design. Using a scanner, digital camera, or with the help of a scanning service, scan the plan and save it in one of the most popular formats.

The designer or owner of most home plans hold the copyright to them. Make sure you have permission before you copy a plan.

Please note that not all features in this User’s Guide are available in every Architect 3D title. Some features, security components, for example, are available only in Architect 3D Ultimate.