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Growing the Landscape

With Architect 3D you can watch the landscape grow from year to year. With just a couple of mouse clicks you can watch your landscape change over 20 years. The Plant Growth meter allows you to grow all of your landscape together incrementally, one click at a time. The Plant Growth meter becomes available on the Properties pane when nothing is selected in your drawing. When growing your landscape, be sure you’re on the Landscape plan so all of the plants and landscape objects are visible.

To edit the age planted for individual plants, see “Plant Properties"

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Note : For information on opening a 3D view, see “Working with 3D Views”

Note : For information on navigating in 3D, see “Moving Around in 3D”

To grow the landscape incrementally

1 Open a 3D view and navigate so you can easily see the area of your landscape you want to grow.

2 Be sure nothing is selected in the design window and click the Properties tab. The Plant Growth meter appears on the pane.

3 Click the left arrow to make the plants appear younger or click the right arrow to make them appear older. The age changes as you click.

To edit the maximum growing age

The default maximum plant growth age is 20 years, but you can increase or decrease this age by editing the maximum growing age.

1 Choose Design > Set Plant Growth Projection.

2 Enter the number of years you want as the maximum growing age and then click OK. The plant growth meter will only grow the landscape to the maximum age you entered.

To export to Landscape Quote

1 Choose File > Export > Landscape Quote File.

2 In the Export As field, enter a name for the file. Architect 3D automatically adds the file extension.

3 Choose a location to save the file and then click Save.

4 Email that file to your iPhone and then on your iPhone, press the attachment icon and select Open in “LandscapeQ”.

Once in Landscape Quote, just fill in the prices of the items you want to budget.