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Exporting Files

You can export a rendering of your 3D View window to BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, or TIFF format. Files can be exported in Textured, Wireframe, and ClearView modes. The exported file will appear just as your 3D View window does. Be sure to render your drawing in high-resolution, before exporting. Size is also controlled by how your 3D View window appears; the larger the 3D View window, the larger the file will be. For more information on controlling the 3D View environment, see “Viewing in 2D & 3D”

You can also export a landscape quote if your drawing includes landscaping. For more information, see “Exporting a Landscape Quote”

Exporting a 3D Image

You can export your rendered 3D view as an image file. There are many options available for exporting a 3D image.


Format specifies the file format for the 3D image.

Render Quality specifies the render quality for the 3D image.

To export a 3D Image

1 Open a 3D View window and set the position and render style you want.

2 Choose File > Export > 3D Image. A dialog appears.

3 Enter a name for the file in the Export As field. (optional) Enter a tag to categorize the image.

4 Choose where you want to save the file.

5 Choose the Format and Render Quality from the corresponding pop-up menus.

6 Click Save. Your 3D view is saved.