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Generating a Roof Automatically

You can add a hip roof or a gable roof to an enclosure with just two mouse clicks. If a gable wall style is detected, the roof panels are created, matching the wall pitch. The roof’s properties are controlled by the Roof Options, where you can specify the roof pitch, soffit depth, generation preferences, and framing options.

After an auto-roof is generated, edit the roof panels as you would a typical, manually drawn roof, and the panels can be updated when you make changes to the perimeter walls. To remove the roof, delete the roof panels in the design window. To control auto-roof settings, see “Auto-Roof Properties”


To auto-generate a roof

1 In the design window, click near the exterior walls perimeter. The entire perimeter appears highlighted.

2 Click the Properties tab in the right sidebar and, under Auto-Roof Properties, click the

Generate Roof button. A hip roof or gable roof is generated based on the current automatic roof options.