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Control 3D Options

Architect 3D lets you view your design in photo-realistic 3D. You can select exterior and interior wall color, add realistic roof materials and select from a variety of wood textures to make your design completely unique. In the 3D View window, you can view your design from a variety of angles.

Using Decorator Palettes, you can easily make changes to your decorating theme. This makes it easy to experiment with a variety of color schemes, both inside and outside your design, before picking up a paintbrush!

With the powerful ClearView feature, you can literally see through the walls and view electrical, plumbing, and so on.

Architect 3D integrates the exclusive, patented RealModel® technology, making it easy to construct an actual scale model of any home you draw. Once you have completed your home design, details are automatically transferred to RealModel. Instructions on building your home model are printed, with numbered sections and floor plan templates that make assembly simple. This hands-on model shows you how to improve your design and save on construction costs before you break ground. This is the perfect tool for presenting your ideas to your builder or architect.

Please note that not all features in this User’s Guide are available in every Architect 3D title. Some features, security components, for example, are available only in Architect 3D Ultimate. For more information, see “Using the Decorator Palette”