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Work on Plan

By default, Architect 3D opens in 2D Full View with the Floor Plan active. You can activate another plan a few different ways, to accommodate you as you work.

To change the working plan

  • In the toolbar, click the Plan tab you want to work on.

​ (alternatively) Swipe three fingers on the trackpad to scroll through the plan tabs.

​ (alternatively) Choose Design > Work on Plan, then choose the plan you want from the submenu

​ (alternatively) Use one of the shortcut keys:

  • Press Command-1 for the Foundation plan.
  • Press Command-2 for the Floor plan.
  • Press Command-3 for the Electrical plan.
  • Press Command-4 for the Plumbing plan.
  • Press Command-5 for the Roof plan.
  • Press Command-6 for the HVAC plan.
  • Press Command-7 for the Deck plan.
  • Press Command-8 for the Landscape plan.
  • Press Command-9 for the Detail plan.
  • Press Command-0 for the Framing plan.