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Menu Bar

The Menu Bar displays the name of the application and allows you to choose menu items using either the mouse or the keyboard. To use the mouse, click the menu name; when the menu drops down, click the item you want. Menu items with an arrow to the right display a submenu, when you place the pointer over one of them.

To use the keyboard, press the Command key and enter the underlined letter in the menu name, then enter the underlined letter in the menu item’s name. If there is a submenu, you must enter another letter. You can also use the arrow keys to move through menu items and press the Return key to select one. The Esc key backs out of the menu items one level at a time.

There are single-key or key combination shortcuts for certain frequently-used menu items. Each menu lists available shortcut keys to the right of the item’s name. You can use the techniques for choosing menu items in combination.