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Tips for Using PhotoView

Architect 3D’s PhotoView lets you take digital pictures and add them to your landscape design. Although this is a straightforward process, there are a few hints that will make the ultimate result much more satisfying.

  • Verify that the image is level and square, when taking a digital picture or scanning a photograph. If the initial photograph is not square, use your graphics software to rotate it in half-degree increments, until it is.
  • Photograph the feature when the sun is shining. This ensures more color saturation and detail of the image.
  • Double-check the dimensions when importing PhotoView images.
  • Take your time masking the image; the better the mask, the better the end result.
  • Images are placed in the center of the lot. When importing multiple images, move each image, as it is placed, to avoid stacking them on top of each other.
  • Images should touch the bottom of the image area. If it is centered in the area, it will float above ground level.