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Wall Properties

Once you have drawn walls for your design, you have the option to customize many features. From wall thickness, floor height, and stud spacing to automatic flooring options, you have alternatives for almost every feature.

Wall properties appear on the Properties pane. For more information, see “Properties pane”

Note : Always press Return to accept new values in a field.


Wall Styles options allow you to choose from a variety of wall styles, including irregular shapes, gable style, and many more. Wall styles are available to accommodate different types of roofs.

Wall Height corresponds to the blue height line in the wall style icon. Editing this value adjusts the corresponding wall segment.

Additional Segment Heights and Pitches are available depending on the wall style. For walls that use multiple height and pitch settings, edit the values on the Properties pane that correspond to the segment in the wall style diagram.


This is an example of a gable style wall with each segment size to match the roof pitch

Thickness defines the width of the lumber used for framing the wall. The higher the thickness, the wider the stud boards.

Stud Spacing defines the distance between each stud board in the wall framing.

Curved Segment Length (applies to curved walls only) defines the length of each segment in the curved wall. Edits to this value must occur before the wall is drawn.

Dimensions checkbox controls the display of dimensions on individual wall segments. Select the checkbox to enable; deselect to disable. When enabled, you can choose to measure walls from their surfaces or centers.

Note : If automatic dimensioning is off for the entire application, this setting does not enable dimensions. For more information, see “Dimensioning”

Callouts checkbox controls the display of dimensions for windows and doors on the selected wall segment. Select the checkbox to enable; deselect to disable.

Draw To options include Centers and Surfaces. When “Centers” is selected, walls are measured from the centers of the walls. When “Surfaces” is selected, walls are measured from the surfaces of the walls.

Flip Dimensions button controls which side of the wall the dimensions are displayed.