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Breaking a Wall

With Architect 3D, it’s easy it easy to fine tune your rooms, adding an inset, for example.

Breaking walls is useful for removing a wall section or creating separate surfaces for applying different colors and materials. When a wall includes a break, you can select the segments separately to delete, reshape, or resize the wall segments. When a color, material, or trim is applied to a segment, it is applied to only one segment.

In the example to the right, a wall break was used to break a single wall segment and then resize one of the new segments to create a half way between two room.


Below are some references that may be useful as you design
Reshaping and Resizing 2D Objects
Wall Properties
Applying Trims
Applying Paint Colors

To insert a wall break

1 Choose the Wall Break button img from the Floor Tools group.

2 Use the Drag Along Wall drawing method to place the break and create two wall segments.

img img