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Architect 3D keeps track of building materials as you design your home. Estimator continually and automatically tallies your expenses and building materials. This information is presented in an editable, printable, exportable spreadsheet format. Estimator also utilizes the Plan tabs from Architect 3D, so you can easily find the materials for a specific part of your design.

As you input the material costs for your area, Estimator calculates the subtotals of each size door and window, each plant type, including sod, roofing materials, and roof trusses, and computes the grand total for the entire project.

You can even create custom pricelists, so you use appropriate vendors or wholesalers for specific parts of the job. This may be especially useful if you plan to renovate just one or two rooms. Estimator calculates each room separately, too.


Please note that not all features in this User’s Guide are available in every Architect 3D title. Some features, security components, for example, are available only in Architect 3D Ultimate.