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Heater and Radiator Properties

Once placed, heaters and radiators are defined by their length, width, and how far they are offset from the wall. You can edit the properties after the component has been added to your design by selecting it and clicking the Properties tab in the right sidebar.

Note : When editing values, be sure to press Return to accept new values in a text field.


Width defines the span of the heater or radiator along the wall.

Depth defines the distance from the back of the heater or radiator to the front.

Offset defines the distance between the wall and the heater or radiator. To position it right up against the wall, set the value to 0.

Standard Library includes the Wall Heaters and Radiators content library. You can choose the style in the Preview Bar before or after you place the heater.

For more information on working with library content, including the User Library, see “Organizing Library Content”

Note : You can flip the side where the hardware is positioned by right-clicking the heater in the design window and choosing Flip Component.