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Nudging a Selection

You can also precisely move features into position using Nudge. Nudge utilizes the arrow keys to move selected features a specified distance, which is based on the Snap Grid. To learn more about the Snap Grid, refer to “Using the Grid”

Note : To nudge using the Snap Grid settings, Snap to Grid must be enabled. On the 2D menu, confirm there is a checkmark next to Snap to Grid; this means that the Snap Grid is activated. When the “Snap to Grid” is turned off, Nudge moves the entity or feature one pixel at a time rather than snapping to the grid distance.

To move a selection using the Nudge feature

1 Choose the Select Objects button img from the Editing Tools group and click to select the entity you want to nudge.

2 Press the arrow keys on your keyboard to nudge the entity in that direction.

(alternatively) Choose Edit > Nudge, then click the direction (up, down, left, right) you want the selection to move.