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Landscaping Using PhotoView Images

One way to get started landscaping your yard is to import a PhotoView image of your home. You can then embellish your design with landscaping and other objects.

Note : It’s very important to input the correct dimensions of your home. For more information, see “To import PhotoView images”

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To landscape using PhotoView images

1 Import the image of your home, as explained previously, and open the 3D Window View img so you have a 2D and 3D view of your design.

2 Using tools and techniques described in previous chapters, add pathways, furniture, topography, and so on.

3 Add landscaping and plants using tools and techniques described in previous chapters.

Note : For information on adding landscaping, see “Landscape Plan Tab”.

​ For information on adding plants, see “Plants Libraries”

Note : PhotoView images appear in the 2D design window as lines, similar to interior walls.