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Zooming In and Out in 2D

You can get a closer look at an area or see a larger portion of your plan drawing by zooming in and out. By dragging over the drawing, the view enlarges or decreases dynamically. You can also set the zoom factor to obtain exact zoom precision. Once you’ve finished viewing your plan close-up, you can return to the previous full view with one mouse click.

To zoom

1 Choose the Zoom button img from the Editing Tools group.

2 In the design window, drag up to zoom in (or drag down to zoom out).

Note : The location of the pointer is centered in the design window.

To zoom using the trackpad

  • Position the cursor at the center of what you want to view and then pinch to zoom in or out.

To set the zoom factor

1 Choose 2D > Set Plan View Zoom. A dialog appears.


2 Enter a new zoom factor, then click OK.

To reset the 2D plan view

  • Choose 2D > Reset Plan View (or press Command-R). The plan is reset to the original, default view.