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About This Guide

The text and graphics in this guide are tailored to help you find the information you need quickly and get the most out of Architect 3D. Each section of this guide is divided into a series of step-by-step instructions, making it easy for you to scan a page to find exactly what you need. You can also refer to the index for additional topics on the same subject, if necessary.

Instructions for installing and using Mac or Mac OS do not appear in this guide. If you’re uncomfortable with your knowledge of Mac OS or with the concepts associated with a user interface object, you should review Mac online Help before attempting any serious work with Architect 3D.

Note : Not all features in this User’s Guide are available in every Architect 3D title. Some features may only available only in Architect 3D, for example.

To access the user’s guide

  • Choose Help > User’s Guide (or press F1).

Basic Terms

The following is a list of terms used throughout this guide. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the language

used in this guide and to reinforce your understanding of basic terminology.

Click Pressing and releasing the left mouse button once.

Right-click Pressing and releasing the right mouse button once.

Control-click (Ctrl-click) Holding down the Control key while pressing and releasing the mouse button once.

Note : Pressing two fingers on your trackpad will also access the Ctrl-click features.

Double-click Pressing and releasing the left mouse button twice.

Drag Pressing the left mouse button, holding it down and moving the mouse, and then releasing the mouse button. Common uses include: “Drag to extend the wall segment,” and “Drag the object onto the design window.”

Scroll Using the scroll bars on the sides of the application window by clicking the scroller, holding down the mouse button and dragging.

Note : Swiping two fingers on the trackpad will also scroll your view.

Graphic Cues

This guide uses several types of graphic elements. Some show the window or a dialog that appears during an operation. When this type of graphic illustration is used, every effort is made to show the element exactly as it appears on the window.

Convention Meaning
img mouse click that selects a point — the number, when present, specifies the mouse click’s position in a series of clicks a mouse click that does not include a number represents a single click
img drag operation — indicates a point you drag to
img a right mouse click — the number, when present, specifies the mouse click’s position in a series of clicks