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Saving a File

When you open a file, Architect 3D copies the file to your computer’s memory. As you work, you modify the copy stored in memory. Any system failure or loss of power destroys that copy. To save your work permanently, you must save it to a file on a disc. A good rule of thumb is to save every 15 minutes or after you’ve completed any work you wouldn’t want to redo.

When you click the Save command, Architect 3D saves the active drawing, using the name and location you last gave it. You can create more than one version of a drawing or save copies on another disk for safekeeping. You can save each version under a different name or you can save them under the same name in different folders or on different disks.

To save an existing file

  • Choose File > Save (or press Command-S).

To save a file to a different name, drive, or folder

1 Choose File > Save As (or press Shift-Command-S). A dialog appears.

2 Enter a file name in the Save As field. Architect 3D automatically adds the PRO extension.

3 Choose where you want to save the file and then click Save.