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Plan Tabs

Architect 3D utilizes a collection of layers, which are accessible by clicking the tabs along the top of the design window. Clicking a plan tab opens the group of tools available for that plan, which you can use to design your plan; for example, clicking the Electrical tab accesses outlets, switches, and ceiling fans, while clicking the Landscaping tab accesses tools for edging, fencing, ground fill, excavation, and so on.

Once placed, each feature created with a plan tool can be altered at any time. Click to select the feature and its properties appear in the Properties pane on the right sidebar.

You can further customize which plan layer or combination of plan layers you want to be active. In addition, you can make each plan layer a different color, so you can tell at a glance which layer a specific feature is on. You can even move features to a different plan, when necessary.

Using the easily-accessible plan tabs, you can quickly access each group of tools at any time.

To select a plan tab

1 In the left sidebar, click the Tools tab img to show the pane.

2 Choose the Select Objects button img from the Editing Tools group.

3 Click the plan tab you want to use. The plan tab is selected and the tools appear in the toolbar. (alternatively) Swipe three fingers on the trackpad to scroll through the plan tabs.