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Saving Custom 3D Views

You can save pre-set 3D views that can be easily accessed at any time. The Saved 3D Views menu option is available from the 3D menu. Here, you can save a 3D view and access your saved views. When you save a view, the render style is also saved with the view. Additionally, you can update a saved view and organize views to rename or delete them.

To save a 3D view

1 Set the 3D View with the direction, angle, and render style that you want to save.

2 Choose 3D > Saved 3D Views > Save 3D View. A dialog appears.


3 Enter a View Name in the field and click Save. The view is added to the Saved 3D Views submenu.

To access a saved view

  • Choose 3D > Saved 3D Views then choose the view you want from the submenu.