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Adding Lighting

You can add interior and exterior lighting to your design with just a couple of mouse clicks. Each light has its own properties so you can control settings individually. The following lighting options are available:

  • Fixture Lights
  • Flood Lights
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Fixture Lights

Adding fixture lighting to your design is very similar to adding other electrical components; however, they do not track directly to walls or automatically display dimensioning.

Architect 3D provides many light styles to choose from, including recessed canned lights, heat/vent lights, directional lights, even landscape lights. In addition, you can control the type and intensity of illumination that each fixture generates.

Before placing a light fixture in your drawing, choose a light style on the Properties pane. Once the light is place, its style cannot be changed.


To add light fixtures

1 Choose the Fixture Lights button img from the Electrical Tools group.

2 Click the Properties tab and choose the light style you want.

3 Use the Click Once to Place drawing method to place the light in your design.

img img

Flood Lights

Flood lights are added just like outlets and switches; they attach to and track along walls. The flood light appearance is controlled on the Properties pane, and you can adjust this before or after the light is placed. You can change the flood light’s elevation or position after it has been placed.


To add a flood light

1 Choose the Flood Light button img from the Electrical Tools group.

2 Use the Drag Along Wall drawing method to position the light on the side of a wall where you want it and release to place.

img img