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Drawing a Saltbox Roof

Saltbox roofs are similar to gable roofs, with an offset ridge. Although they are not symmetrical, they are extremely attractive and easy to create.


Note : The following example uses 8:12 pitch and 1” soffit, but any combination of pitches will work for this roof.

Below are some references that may be useful as you design
Four-Point Freehand Roof, Roof Properties, Breaking a Wall, Drawing Walls

To draw a saltbox roof

1 Use the Four-point Freehand Roof button img to draw a roof section on one of the walls. Make note of the peak elevation as you will set the next roof section to this elevation.


2 Draw a matching four-point freehand roof on the opposing wall using the same roof pitch.

img img

3 Click to select the second roof section and, on the Properties pane, select Measure from peak to measure from the ground to the peak of the roof section.

4 While the roof section is selected, enter the peak elevation of the first roof section (created in step 1) and press the Return key to elevate the roof section.


5 Edit the wall properties to close the gable ends of this roof style. For more information, see “Wall Properties”