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Default UI Menu: Options/Program Setup/Preferences

Ribbon UI Menu:

General program options, such as cursor shape, axis color, zoom factor, and display of coordinate system icons.


Coordinate system icon:

You can choose to display the User CS and/or World CS symbol/s.

For both, you can set the color of the axes and size of the icon.

For the World CS, select the corner of the screen where it will be displayed: TopLeft, TopRight, BottomLeft, BottomRight

Drawing cursor

Cursor Shape: Select one of the three shapes provided.

Show crosshairs: Overrides the normal cursor, displaying a screenwide horizontal and vertical line intersecting at the cursor position.

Show Isometric: Overrides the normal cursor, displaying all three axes.

Show Snap Aperture: Displays a circular area around the cursor whose radius is the Aperture Size. Aperture is used while snapping, to detect objects.

Aperture size: Specify the radius of the aperture in pixels.

You can also use the View | Display | Cursor menu to change the cursor display.


Undo/Redo depth: Sets the number of operations stored in the Undo buffer.

Include Model / Paper space switch in Undo buffer: If checked, switching between Model and Paper spaces will be included in the Undo buffer.


Use Choice if several entities in aperture while selection: If more than one object lies within the aperture area during a selection, a small window appears from which you can select the desired object.

Visual Effect Settings: Settings for the various "highlighting" methods. See Selection Visual Effects Settings.