Arc 3 Points

Creates an arc by defining the start point, a point on the arc, and the endpoint. This is a "generic" arc tool, because the local menu options enable you to define the arc in a number of different ways. Select the start point.

img Select a point through which the arc will pass.

img Select the endpoint.

img Local Menu Options: These options are available after the fist point of the arc is placed:

  • Center:

Before you click the arc start point, you can select


to define the center point first.You can then click the center point and start point. img

  • Angle: Rather than clicking the end point, you can select the Angle or Chord Length local option. img
  • End: With this option, after you click the arc start point, you can select End to click the end point. img
  • Radius: Then you can click the center point, or use the Angle, Direction, or Radius local option. img