Geo Location

Default UI Menu: Options/Drawing Setup/Geo-Location

Ribbon UI Menu:

Geo-Location contains three primary functions: Location, Orientation, and Display. img Location

  • Latitude

– set the latitude of the drawing in degrees, to six decimal places.

  • South/North – specify whether the latitude angle is South or North

  • Longitude

– set the longitude the drawing in degrees, to six decimal places.

  • East/West – specify whether the longitude angle is East or West

Coordinates and Elevation

  • X, Y, Z – specify the location in the drawing which corresponds to the geo-location. Units are in the model space defined Space units.

  • Elevation – specify the elevation of the drawing at that geo-location.

  • Marker

  • Show – When on this shows a crosshair marker within the drawing, located at as specified by the X, Y, Z values. This maker can be snapped to as a drawing reference.

  • Size – Sets the relative size of the to the crosshair marker.

North Direction

  • Angle – Specify the Angle of orientation for North relative to the drawing.

  • Marker

– Displays a compass rose for drawing orientation

  • On Screen Position – Specify the location of the compass rose: Not Display, Top Left, Bottom Right, Top Left, and Bottom Left.
  • Size-- Sets the relative size of the compass rose: Tiny, Small, Normal, and Large.

Geo-Location Crosshairs and Compass Rose img