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Default UI Menu: Tools/Palettes/Design Director/Graphic

Ribbon UI Menu:


In the Design Director, "Graphics" refers to objects - 2D, 3D, cameras, etc. You can insert single objects into the Design Director in order to have easy access to zooming, visibility, and other properties of the objects.

Note: To add groups of objects to the Design Director, use Categories.

To place a graphic object into the Design Director:

  1. Select the object in the drawing space.
  2. In the Design Director select Graphics in the upper pane and select Create New from the toolbar or local menu.
  3. Accept the default name or assign one that will help you recognize the object.

All objects you add to the Design Director will appear in the lower pane. The lower pane contains the following options: img

ZoomTo: Zooms to the extents of the object. Visible: Displays or hides the object. Color: Sets the object's pen color. View by WorkPlane: Displays the view by the workplane that is set as WorkPlane by Entity. Get WorkPlane: Sets the current workplane by this object.