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Technical support is available by calling 415-483-8000. Technical Support will work closely with you to solve any problems related to our software. Please give our support technicians as much information as possible. Remember that they are not in front of your computer and that they need your help to diagnose the problem. On occasion, a problem can be traced to hardware, or to another software application. Our technician will supply as much support as possible in these cases, but they are not authorized to support products manufactured or published by another company. You might find that e-mail is a more convenient way to get technical support. If you do send e-mail, provide as much information as you can about your system and about the problem.

Technical Support CheckList

You may already have the information you are looking for. Before calling, check this manual thoroughly. To receive the fastest response to your technical questions, please be in front of your computer with TurboCAD running, and be prepared to provide the following information before you call or send e-mail:

  • The type of computer and Windows version you are using.
  • The name, version number, and other information about your specific version of the product. (To find this information, select Help / About TurboCAD from the TurboCAD menu.)
  • The exact sequence of events that created the problem. Verify that you can reproduce the problem by following the same series of steps.
  • The exact wording of any error messages.
  • Steps you've taken to find the answer to your question, including resources used.
  • The results of any steps you have undertaken to resolve the problem.