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Add Roof

(Available in Pro Platinum, Expert and Deluxe)

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Default UI Menu: Architecture/Roofs/Add Roof

Ribbon UI Menu:


Creates a roof with a constant slope angle.

  1. Create the walls of the building. If you do not use the Wall tools, you can use any 3D shape, or even a 2D outline.

Note:If you use the Wall tool, you can give the walls height by entering a Thickness in the 3D page of the walls' Properties.


  1. If necessary, bring the workplane to the correct level. You can use By Facet to set the workplane to the top of the walls.

  2. Activate Add Roof, and trace the outline of the roof.


With each corner point you select, the roof adjusts to create a closed form. .


  1. After you select the last point, select Finish from the local menu or Inspector Bar. The ridge and valley lines are calculated to maintain a constant slope angle.


Rotate the view to see the roof.