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Default UI Menu: File/ePack

Ribbon UI Menu:

The ePack utility is designed to encapsulate in one location all the external files associated with a drawing. This includes Xrefs, material images, linked images, fonts, and other referenced files. Once activated you must specify the following:

  • Package type: This can be either a Folder of a Zip.

  • Include options:

You may choose to include or exclude:

  • SHX fonts – a standard for DWG files
  • True Type Fonts – Standard for Windows files.
  • Textures – Images which are used to create materials
  • File References – Xrefs and all other referenced files

  • Action:

With two options:

  • Save to folder – This is the location where the new folder or zip will be created.
  • Send via email – the entire packet is sent by email to the designated parties.

Lastly you may use the Current Drawing tree and specifically select/deselect items that you wish to be packed. When you click the Save button the folder or zip will be created and all files, including the drawing, will be packed.