TC Mesh Simplification

(Available only in Pro Platinum)

Default UI Menu: Modify/Modify 3D Objects/TC Surface Simplification

Ribbon UI Menu:


Simplifies meshes by reducing the total polygon count. For example you can use it for reducing the number of the polygons in the laser scanned model (e.g. from 400000 to 4000 triangles).

TC Surface Simplification enables when a 3D Boolean operation has been performed on two or more SMeshs.

  1. Select a mesh or TC Surface.


  1. Select the Percent to Keep.


  1. Click the Finish button or select Finish from the local menu.


Local Menu Options Ignore Boundaries, Contract Boundaries at end, Fix Boundaries: this switch tells the simplifier how should it process the models boundaries (boundary = set of the edges where each edge belongs to the one triangle only) Do Full Update before simplification: you should use this setting if the simplifier fails or its result is incorrect. Usually it means that the simplifier's input model was incorrect. You may try to heal the model by using "Do Full Update" in this case.