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Use a Polyline to draw a multi-segmented section line on the Plan view. img

Click Create by View Line. img

If you want to assign text to the view (such as a letter), enter it in the Text field of the Inspector Bar. First select the view whose sectional view you want to create. img

Then select the view line, in this case, the polyline. img

In the next step you define the viewing direction. Move the cursor to switch between the two direction options. img

Click when the direction is correct. img

Note: You can also change the viewing direction after the section line is created. Open the section line's Properties to the Format page, and check (or uncheck) Forward Side.

The aligned view is created and is listed in the Drafting Palette, even though it does not yet appear in the drawing. img

Insert the aligned view into the drawing, setting the scale according to the Plan view. By default, this is an Aligned view - what you see is equivalent to "unfolding" the polyline. img

To switch to a non-aligned view, open the view's Properties to the Format page. Deselect Aligned View. img The view is no longer "unfolded." img

For another way to change an aligned section view, use the Edit Tool on the polyline img

Change the polyline by moving, adding, or deleting nodes. The sectional view updates as you change the polyline. img

If you want to add or change characters on the section line, use the General and Text pages of the section line's Properties.

Note: that there is a difference between a section and a sectional view. The 3D function Section creates an actual section of a 3D object, whereas a sectional view is what you see when looking in the direction of the section line.

In this example, the lower view is a sectional view looking in the direction of Line A-A. img And this is the section taken at Line A-A. img