GeoMarks and TAP files

Default UI Menu: Tools/Palettes/Geo Marks Palette

Ribbon UI Menu:

The Geomarks palette allow you to open TAP file created in IMSI/Design TurboApps products. img To open a TAP file:

  1. Open the GeoMarks palette.

  2. Click the Browse button.

  3. Browse to the file you wish to open.


  1. Select the file and click Open.


  1. The contents of the TAP must be unpacked. Select a folder to unpack the TAP content, or click Make New Folder to create a new folder, or press Cancel to use a temporary folder.


You can click on any link to view its content.

img The controls are explained below:



If a TAP file has been created in TurboApps with markups, then TurboCAD now has the ability to display these mark-ups when a TAP file is imported and opened into the program.