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3D Polyline

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(Available in Pro Platinum, Expert and Deluxe)

Default UI Menu: Draw/3D Object/3D Polyline

Ribbon UI Menu:

Similar to 2D Polyline , but you can place line segments anywhere in 3D space; you are not restricted to the current workplane.


You can enter coordinates in the Coordinate Fields, but there are no input fields in the Inspector Bar for this tool. Unlike the 2D Polyline, you cannot add arc segments, nor can you manipulate line thicknesses.

Note: If you want to create a 3D polyline by joining existing linear and/or non-linear segments, use the 3D Polyline option of Join Polyline.

3D Polylines can be used in two other tools, 3D Fillet and Pipe.

Local menu option:

Create 2D:

"Create 2D" for the 3D polyline tool enables you to create the 3D polyline as a flat polyline.

Clicking this option from the local menu creates a flat (to the Workplane) 2D object instead of 3D one.