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There are three TurboCAD file formats, TCW, TCT, and TCX, that you can use for saving vector graphics from within TurboCAD.

TCW: (TurboCAD for Windows) - a file format for saving vector graphics from within TurboCAD.

Note: If you need to save a drawing that is to be opened by an earlier version of TurboCAD, you can use Save As and save to one version back i.e. In TurboCAD 18 You can save as TurboCAD 17.

TCW, TCT Import Setup

img Restore render view: Opens the drawing in render mode. The file must have been saved in render mode.

TCW, TCT Export Setup

img Compression: Saves the file in the TCT compressed format. If the speed of operation is more important than the file size, leave this option disabled.

Full Precision: TurboCAD stores your objects with the maximum possible accuracy. Full Precision enables the maximum depth of mathematical calculations performed to generate and save entities. When disabled, entities will be calculated and saved using only to four decimal points of precision. This results in faster execution and smaller files, but may compromise accuracy.

Note: Less than full accuracy can affect the ability of the program to correctly display and edit objects at extremely small scales. Unless you are using a slow machine, and know you do not need extreme accuracy, you should leave Full Precision on.

Save proxy objects: saves ACIS solids and a number of other TurboCAD Pro object with proxies so that TurboCAD Deluxe or Designer can open the file and see representations of objects that are not supported by those applications. Proxies increase the size of the file, but do allow file to open more quickly.

Save Undo: The Undo/Redo performed in the file are also saved when this option is enabled in setup while exporting.