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In addition to the basic UV Mapping funtions there are some additional functions for mapping surfaces. Since it is generally undesirable to export every single facet of a surface as an individual 2D part the Surface functions are designed to gather groups of facets to create Segments of the 3D object. The resulting segment can then be converted into editable 2D parts. The functions and ther purpose are as follows: Quick Selection: Selects a contiguous series of facets based on the setting in the UV Mapping Options. img Create Segment by Selection: Creates a segment based on the currently selected facets. img Auto Segmentation: Automatically composites a set of segments for all facets of the selected 3D object. img Explode Segements: Explode the currently selected facets back into facets. img Unwrap Segments: Unwrap the selected segments into 2D Parts. img Select segment by edges:
To activate the tool:

  1. Activate UV mapping tools
  2. Select the Image
  3. Select a TC surface
  4. Select "Create segment by edges…"

img After that, select a closed edge loop. For this there are two possibilities:

  1. Manual - Select the edge loop manually by clicking one edge after the other. All selected edges should be connected. This means that you can only select those edges which have common vertices with those already selected. Another limitation for each vertex there can only be two edges from the selected edge loop this prevents self-intersections.
  2. Mixed manual and automatic. If you have already have selected a few edges, but not closed, you can try to close edge loop automatically by selecting Close current selected edge loop… The program will try to find the shortest path between the ends of the currently selected edges and connect them.

img After creating of the closed loop, you can create a segment by seleting Create segment by selection… img For the each closed edge loop it is possible to create two segments; One from internal facets, the other from the external facets. The algorithm will automatically choose one of these domains. If the algorithm choose the opposite domain from the one you wanted select Invert created segment… which will invert the selection to the alternate facets. img It is important to note, that Invert created segment… will only function immediately after using Create segment by selection… img