LTE Command Line Options

(Available in the LTE Workspace only) The Command Line console is divided into three sections:

  • The Command Line itself, which is located to the right of the word Command. This is where you enter command names (aliases).
  • The Command History, above the Command Line. This is where you see prompts and options for the current tool, as well as a history of previous tools.
  • The Actions List, to the left of the Command History. This is where you can see a list of tools used, points or other geometry defined for the tool, and other actions such as zooming.

The Actions List shows three different types of information. Tools (Line, Circle, etc.) are shown in red. Points are shown in blue inside each tool. These are the geometric data used for each tool. Commands are shown in green; these include non-geometric actions like zoom or redraw. img You can double-click on any object in the Actions List to repeat the command or input.The icons below the Actions List control what is displayed there. The first icon can be used to show or hide the Actions List. img The other icons can be used to hide the tools, points, and commands. img The Recent Commands icon displays the tools last used, in reverse order. You can select one of these to activate it. img The Recent Input icon displays a list of points entered. You can select one of these to use it for the current tool. img