Grid Options

Default UI Menu: Options/Display Options/Grid Ribbon UI Menu:


Controls the grid type, size, and display. You can set up different grid properties for Model Space and Paper Space. img Show grid: Equivalent to displaying the grid using the Grid menu or Grid toolbar. Hide grid when finer than: This value applies to distances on your screen which are not related to World or Paper units. Type: These grid types are based, by default, on a horizontal baseline. This can be changed on the Advanced Grid page. Ortho: Orthogonal grid. Isometric: Aligned along lines measured 30º and 150º from the horizontal axis. This type of grid is used in isometric drawing, which uses perspective drawing techniques to represent 3D objects. Polar: Points in the polar grid radiate from the origin, and are aligned by their radial distance from the origin and their angular distance from the horizontal axis. Style: Select Points (dots at each grid point), Crosses (crosses at each main grid point), or Lines (graph paper). Spacing: Sets the distance between all grid lines, major and minor, without respect to frequency. Select X and Y spacing, or angular and radial values for a polar grid.