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(Available in Pro Platinum, Expert and Deluxe)

Default UI Menu: Modify/Chain Polyline

Ribbon UI Menu:

Connects intersecting objects or portions of objects into a single polyline. A chain of connected objects is created, starting from a selected object and proceeding in a specified direction.

Note: The difference between this tool and the Auto Joining option of Join Polyline is that Chain Polyline enables you to create a partial chain, and to work with overlapping objects.

  1. Select the object from which the chain will start.


  1. Set the direction in which the chain will proceed.


  1. If overlaps are encountered, you must specify the path to continue the chain.



  1. The chain proceeds until it reaches the last object, and the polyline is created.


If you do not want the chain to proceed all the way to the last object, you can select Finish from the local menu or Inspector Bar at any time.

Note: The original objects remain in the drawing.