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Default UI Menu: Modify/Modify 3D Objects/3D Boolean Operations

Ribbon UI Menu:

Boolean operations use two existing 3D objects to create a new object. Objects can be combined, subtracted, intersected, or sliced. The objects must both be of the same type - surfaces or solids. You can display the Boolean & Facet toolbar by right-clicking in any toolbar area and selecting Boolean & Facet. img These tools are also available on the fly-out toolbar from the Drawing Tools. img When Boolean operations are completed, you can edit the shape and location of the objects used to create them. . If you plan to assign materials to your 3D objects, it is recommended to do this after the Boolean operations are performed.

Note: The Imprint tool also uses Boolean operations, combining a solid with the extrusion of a 2D closed profile

Boolean operations can use multi-select modes to select objects as components for operations. img