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(Available in all TurboCAD Variants)

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Default UI Menu: View/Viewports

Ribbon UI Menu:



Viewports are used in Paper Space to display one or more views of your model. A viewport has two components: a boundary and the view that it contains. You can only insert views that have already been created - see

Note: If you want to insert standard views (views you do not have to pre-define), Typically, multiple viewports are created so that you can show several view of the model. If you make changes to your model, any relevant views in the viewports will automatically update.


Once a viewport is created, you can use 2D tools and annotation tools (Text, Dimensions, Hatching, etc.) to enhance the Paper Space. You also have the option of saving a viewport's contents as an image. This is handy for rendering objects in viewports, because it is faster to display an image than to render an object.