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(Available in all TurboCAD Variants)

Default UI Menu: Modify/Meet 2 Lines

Ribbon UI Menu:


Extends two lines, double lines, walls or arcs so that their endpoints meet.

  1. Select the first object.


  1. Select the second object. The objects are trimmed or extended to meet one another.


If an object is to be trimmed, select the portion of the object you want to remain.


Local menu options: The local menu options apply to double lines.

Note: You can use Meet 2 Lines on splines and Beziers, however the extension will be straight element of the curve, not curved continuations as they are with arcs. 3D Polylines, and splines can also be used, but the terminal resulting geometry will be placed on the concurrent workplane of the two objects used. Note: Most standard Modify tools, such as Trim, Split, and Meet 2 Lines, will work with walls.