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Default UI Menu: Options/Program Setup/Desktop

Ribbon UI Menu:

Controls what appears on the screen. img

Workspace: Controls the display of the working area Status Bar: Displays or hides the Status Bar. Scroll bars: Displays or hides the scroll bars. Rulers: Displays or hides the rulers.

Inspector bar

Inspector Bar: Displays or hides the Inspector Bar. Classic: Set Inspector bar fields and labels to be in the classic side by side orientation, Compact: Set Inspector bar fields and labels to be in the compact over/under orientation, Field width: Specify the field width.

Desktop default scheme

Desktop Scheme: Customizes the color of paper and background, and floating palettes. Click Modify to change an element's color.

Tip: You can also click the different elements in the preview window.

Show margins: Displays page (printer) margins. Show background: If checked, the background behind the paper will be displayed. If unchecked, the background will be white. Apply to opened drawings: Apply changes in the scheme to all opened drawings. Apply to active drawing: Apply changes to the currently active drawing.

Tip: You can switch off the paper until you're ready to print, then use the Page Setup (see Page Setup) to place your drawing on the page.

OpenGL Hardware Acceleration: Available if your video card is equipped with an accelerator, take this characteristic into account while performing a render. Render new window: When you render your drawing, the render view will open in a new drawing window. Background Render: With this option, TurboCAD tools work faster in Render mode; rendering will "interfere" less with other tools. This setting can only be applied when working with one window.

Multithreading quality render

Use automatic number of threads: If checked the system automatically use the full number of available threads. Threads: Specify the number of threads to be used for rendering if Use automatic number of threads is off. Multithreading LightWorks: If checked multithreading will be used for LightWorks if the plug-in is installed.