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Default UI Menu: Tools/Palettes/Environments

Ribbon UI Menu:

Provides easy and fast access to environments

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Set the Environment category. Find Environment To switch the environment display from thumbnails to list format, click View Thumbnails and select a different view. img TurboCAD has LightWorks rendering engine available. The Render Engine Filter allows you to specify which components will be displayed in the palette. ALL sets the palette to show all elements from all installed rendering engines. LW will show only LightWorks elements. img You can hide or show the palette fields and toolbars by clicking Show / Hide Options. img Right-click on the Environment palette will open a local menu that provides a wide array of options. img Set Environment: Sets the currently selected Environment to the currently selected objects. Set "None": Sets the Environment to none. Show Options: Toggle the display of the options on/off. Show Toolbar: Toggle the display of the toolbar on/off. View: Allows you to toggle on/off Thumbnails, List, Details Arrange Icons: Allows you to spcify how the icons will be arranged: No arrange, By Name, By Name Inversely, By Category, By Category Inversely Refresh: Refreshs the thumnails to reflect changes. Update Thumnails: regenerates all of the thumbnails in the palette. Load Environments... : Load Environments from file. Save Environments... : Saves the current Environments Remove Unassigned Environments: (This option only appears if the category is set to a Drawing Shader Manager) unused environments will be removed from the palette. Edit LightWorks Materials...: Opens the Render manager. The Render manager is opened to the current material if one is selected. If no material is selected the Render manager opens to the current category.

Search Option:

You can also search a environment in the palette. Type a word in "find" option to search, the first suitable item is highlighted. To browse through the environments, buttons next to the input field highlight and can be used to show the previous or next suitable item. Successful search options are added to the list and saved between sessions.