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Default UI Menu: View/Pan

Ribbon UI Menu:

Panning means to move, or scroll, the view to another location across the plane of the drawing. Two simple ways of panning are to use the scroll bars or arrow keys. The scroll bars work the same way that they do in other Windows programs. You can click the scroll bar arrow buttons to scroll one step, click in the body of the scroll bar, or drag the body of the scroll bar itself. The arrow keys are also simple and intuitive: press the up, down, left, or right arrow key to pan a single step.

Tip: To quickly pan to a specific point, place the cursor at the point, then press Ctrl+End. You will instantly move to a view with the point you chose at the center of the screen.

Vector Pan

img Pans the drawing based on a vector defined by two points. Select a base point and a destination point. The drawing moves so that the base point moves to the destination point.

Pan to Point

img Hotkey: Ctrl+End Pans the drawing so that the selected point becomes the drawing center. If you use the View menu command, select a point and the point will move to the center of the screen. To use the hotkey, place the cursor at the desired center and press Ctrl+End.