Advanced Grid Options

Default UI Menu: Options/Drawing Setup/Advanced Grid Options

Ribbon UI Menu:


Advanced controls for the frequency and locations of grid lines. s img

Note: Set Grid Origin is also accessible from the Grid toolbar.

Perspective grid: Relevant when the grid is displayed and you are working in Perspective mode. By Drawing: An infinite grid will be displayed. By Size: The size of the displayed grid is determined by Perspective grid extents. This value sets the grid extents in both directions from the WCS origin, i.e. a value of 3 inches will produce a 6 x 6 grid. img

Base: It is an advanced base angle - grid rotation angle. This option works for all types of grids.

  1. Enable Grid.


  1. Select Advanced Grid Options from Options/Drawing Setup. Enter a value for example 30 in Base and press OK.


Base angle can be both; positive or negative. Positive base angle rotates the grid in an anti-clockwise direction and negative base angle rotates it in a clockwise direction.