Select by Attribute

Default UI Menu: Edit/Select by/Attribute

Ribbon UI Menu:


Hotkey: Ctrl+I img

Selects objects that share the same text in their Attribute fields. This field is on the General page of their Properties window.

Type text in the Attribute field that exactly matches the contents of the Attribute field of a set of objects, then click OK to select the objects.

The attribute text can contain the wildcard symbol - . For example, the attribute "Wall" will select "Wall1," "Wall+Window" and Wall Brick." All characters that follow the * symbol will be ignored.

Case sensitive: The search will distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters. All Entities: Selects all objects that share the specified text attribute. Group names only: Selects only groups that share the specified text attribute.

Block names only: Selects only blocks that share the specified block name - the name that is assigned to a block while creating. The name of an inserted block is listed in the Refers to field of the Properties window, Block Insertion page.

Text entities only: Select only text objects that share the specified text attribute.

Note: The attribute of a text object is the text string itself.

Exact match: Selects all attributes that exactly contain the text in the Attribute field. By string: Selects all attributes that contain the string in the Attribute field. Add to current selection: All objects selected by the attribute match will be added to any current selection in the drawing.