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(Available in Pro Platinum)

Default UI Menu: AddOns/Special Tools/Analyze/2D Geometric Parameters

Ribbon UI Menu:

Note: You can display the Special Tools toolbar by right-clicking in any toolbar area and selecting Special Tools.

Calculates engineering properties (area, center of gravity, moments of inertia, etc.) for a 2D closed object.

  1. Select the closed area.


  1. The area is highlighted, and its axes are indicated in red.


The parameters of the closed area appear in the Geometric Parameters window.


  1. Click OK to close the window, and select Finish from the local menu or Inspector Bar to exit the tool.

Local menu options

By Closed Graphic (default): Selects a single closed object. img

By Closed Area: Click inside a closed area to obtain the properties for only that area. img


Relative Axis: Enables you to define another axis for the calculation of the properties. img

Finish Geometric Parameters: Completes the 2D geometric parameters operation.