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(Available only in Pro Platinum)

Default UI Menu: AddOns/Special Tools/Insert/Thread 3D

Ribbon UI Menu:

It can also be accessed from Special Tools toolbar.

Creates a threaded bolt with a cylindrical, hexagonal, or square head. Hexagonal and square heads are automatically filleted.

Note: You can display the Special Tools toolbar by right-clicking in any toolbar area and selecting Special Tools.

  1. Use the Inspector Bar or local menu to select the type of bolt to be created: circular, hexagonal, or square head.


  1. Select the center point of the bolt's base (bottom of threads). You can then specify dimensions using the mouse or by entering them in the Inspector Bar fields.


The bolt parameters are shown below:


  1. After the last click, or after pressing Enter if you use the Inspector Bar, the bolt is created. The three types are shown below.