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(Available only in Pro Platinum)

Default UI Menu: Modify/Modify 3D Objects/Tweak Face

Ribbon UI Menu:

Extends a 3D object by extruding selected faces to a selected 3D detination object. The reuslt is an ACIS Solid. The destination object must be a sheet body (ACIS Surface). ACIS surfaces/sheet bodies result when non-closed objects, such as a line segment, are extruded, revolved or swept. They can also be created from ACIS Solids by using the [Create Solid from Surface] tool, or by using the [Create Surface from Profile] tool on a closed 2D object, and by using the [Extract Entity] Note: if the destination object is a closed volume, such as a sphere or closed revolve, thene the destination object will be solidified and added to the resulting tweaked object. To use the Tweak tool:

  1. Select the Tweak tool.

  2. Select the face of a 3D object


  1. Select the 3D object to be the target of the extrusion.


  1. The result is a new 3D object.


Second Example:



img There are two options available with the Tweak tool:

  • Leave source copy: If this option is on a copy of the original object being tweaked will be left in the model.
  • Leave destination copy: If this option is on a copy of the destination object will be left in the model.